Input Director

Commercial Use

Input Director is the preferred product used around the world by Fortune 500 companies; favoured by the financial, insurance, health, security and law enforcement sectors.

Why Input Director?

Designed exclusively for Windows
Shared clipboard supports the broadest range of Microsoft data formats
No compromises made to support other Operating Systems
Can control a computer without needing to login in to it first
Supports Windows User Account Control pop-ups & Fast User Switching
Set a mandatory encryption policy to ensure that sensitive data is secure
Only Input Director shows the cursor correctly if the mouse is disconnected

High Reliability - set and forget
Designed efficiently to use minimal system resources
Smooth mouse that feels as if it's directly attached to the computer being controlled

Rich set of Features including
Security - Encryption / Network Access Control / Lock down to Admin only
Multi-monitor support
Highly configurable transition options to meet the individual needs of each user
Macros / Hotkeys / Key Bindings
and many more

Take advantage of the free 30 day evaluation to ensure that Input Director is the right solution that meets your needs.

Contact Details

For the latest commercial pricing and licensing information, please contact (replace the _AT_ with an @ in the email address)

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